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The vision

An experience that will leave you feeling fulfilled and rested by the end of it

The idea of spending several days with like-minded people has been with us since the very beginning of Sinergia. We want to be bold and go beyond the usual festival framework and organize something more than just a few days of partying. We have been organizing private events ever since COVID started and we were always thinking quality over quantity. Now, we have brought together everyone and are bringing the entire experience for a couple of days to the green island of Ugljan. We are creating an experience that will leave you feeling fulfilled and rested by the end of it.

Where everyone you’ll meet, is your friend

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to experiences. And at Flows, we believe that intimate, authentic experiences are the ones that leave the biggest impact. That’s why we’ve created a festival that’s all about creating meaningful connections, forging new friendships, and immersing yourself in a world of music, nature, and community.

Our festival is designed for those who are looking for more than just a big party. We believe that it’s the small moments that create the most lasting memories, whether it’s dancing to melodic house and techno under the stars, participating in a yoga workshop on the beach, or simply chatting with new friends over a drink.

We keep our festival attendance limited to just 200 people to create an intimate, welcoming atmosphere that allows you to truly connect with your fellow festival-goers. We want you to feel like you’re part of a community, where everyone is valued and respected.