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Flows Festival 2023

2023 Flows Festival was an exhilarating journey, a five-day celebration that brought together 150 festival-goers in a vivid tapestry of music, wellbeing, and learning experiences. Over the course of the festival, attendees were treated to an incredible international lineup of 10 DJs, each bringing their unique flavor of melodic house and techno, creating an unbroken flow of music that resonated with every soul present, forging an unforgettable atmosphere from sunsets to late evenings.

But Flows Festival was more than just a musical journey; it was a holistic experience enriched by a diverse range of workshops. Participants immersed themselves in various different workshops, ranging from yoga, Qigong and meditation to workouts, ecstatic dance, creative arts and DJ classes, each designed to engage, educate, and inspire. These workshops provided a unique opportunity to learn new skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and explore various aspects of personal and environmental well-being. The combination of electronic music and enriching workshops against the backdrop of Croatia’s stunning natural beauty made Flows Festival a truly unparalleled event, one that left attendees longing for the next edition.

What people said

What is Flows to you?

  • Don’t come, there’s gonna be too many of us too soon!
  • Fun, relaxing. No need for a vacation afterwards.
  • Intimate was a good choice.
  • Sea, sun dance! Chillex and learn more about your whole body.
  • Very safe and supportive space with lots of amazing and loving people. ❤️ Thank you!
  • For anyone who want’s to spend great time with people in touch with their inner peace.
  • An Intimate Health-Conscious Music Festival
  • ”WE ARE ONE” this is not just a festival, its a unity, a tribe, you will belong here.
  • Intimate festival with good music and great vibes 😎
  • A place where spirits’ flying and all souls comes as one
  • Smaller, more like a “private” festival. Definitely nice experience, different from those where you are crowded with hundreds or thousands of other people.
  • Familiar festival with lovely people around
  • It’s more than just a music event; it’s a multi-sensory adventure. A journey through a kaleidoscope of musical genres, from pulsating electronic beats to soul-stirring live performances.
  • An intimate festival designed for open-minded individuals seeking a secure sanctuary for self-expression and exploration.

Memorable moments

  • For me it was actually the meals, how everyone talked with everyone and just hung out together.
  • The feeling of familiarity & love
  • Location.
  • Some of the music was fucking good
  • Evidents’ set, great positive people!
  • Ecstatic dance with Manca, cacao ceremony and closing circle.
  • Openhearted people
  • Connections I made with the people there
  • the afterparty with Bakayan and Ash Mellor. it was spontaneous and epic. Met some nice new people and had a blast together
  • After Party 😁
  • Dance, love and unity
  • When power went out and somebody started playing djembes
  • Meeting new friends and having a good time
  • The moment that is etched in my memory is my arrival at the festival. I came without knowing anyone; a part of me was open to new experiences, while another part played with the fear of the unknown. That same moment when one of the Flows team members joined me at the reception, and we hugged, it felt like I had come home. Everything that followed only deepened that feeling. After four days together, strangers turned into friends, and together we created a tribe that continues to thrive.