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Flows Festival
12-16 June 2024

Welcome to our intimate electronic music festival on a secluded island, where everyone you’ll meet is your friend. Flows is a seamless fusion of melodic and progressive house and techno, combined with a mind-body programme that creates a unique and comprehensive festival experience. Join us in the festival village against the backdrop of the stunning Croatian island Ugljan with crystal-clear turquoise water.

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Intimate Gathering

Limited to 200 participants for an exclusive experience.

Melodic Vibes

Dance to melodic, progressive house and techno by international DJs.

Sunset Magic

Groove every day into the night at sunset parties that stretch until midnight.

Daytime Exploration

Embrace wellness through workshops like functional training, yoga, qigong, meditations, breathwork, and ecstatic dance.

Cozy Retreat

Rest in modern apartments within the festival village.

Mediterranean Delights

Savor nourishing Mediterranean cuisine.

Connect and Unite

Forge connections with a community where everyone's a friend.

Flow State

Recharge, learn, and find your flow through music and experiences.

Our festival is sold out

For those that already own festival tickets, you can still book your accommodation and meals through our webshop

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5 Day Flows Festival Experience

Without Workshops
Regular #3 ticket
140 €

Experience the Flows music festival with a 5-day pass.

This ticket includes access to all the parties, as well as a general access to the festival ground, including the chill area, the beach, the restaurant & the bar, access to live coaching sessions and podcasts, as well as the volleyball & ping-pong playgrounds.


If you are looking for the Immersive Experience tickets (including workshops), they were sold out. But worry not, since you will still be able to buy tickets for individual workshops (15€) at the festival.

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Flows Festival 2023

Last summer, we gathered for our first Flows Festival, an unforgettable fusion of electronic music and rejuvenating wellness activities on the beautiful Ugljan Island in Croatia. It was a gathering where everyone instantly became friends in an atmosphere of harmony and music.

For more insights and memories from our first festival click read more.

Talented handpicked DJs

Imagine dancing to sunset performances of melodic house and techno artists surrounded by the stunning Croatian coastline. Our carefully curated lineup of talented handpicked artists will take you on a journey of melodic electronic beats, with live and vocal performances that will make your heart race and your feet move.

Rejuvinating workshops

But it’s not just about the music; it’s about a holistic experience that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit. During the day, indulge in a variety of workshops and trainings designed to elevate your well-being. 

Engage in invigorating functional training, find your inner balance through yoga and qigong, delve into guided meditations that transport you to new dimensions, explore the power of breathwork, and dance freely in ecstatic movement.


We will create a festival village with selected 200 festival goers. This also allows us to provide affordable sleeping options. All apartments are equipped with a kitchen and bathroom. Half of the apartments were renovated in 2022 and 2023, and half are older but still clean and comfortably cozy, as they are used throughout the tourist season. Apartment prices vary depending on whether they have been renovated, the number of beds, etc. Most beds include a comfortable double or single bed and a pull-out bed (sofa).

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