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Flows Festival 2025

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5 Day Flows Festival Experience

Without Workshops
Regular #4 ticket
140 €

Experience the Flows music festival with a 5-day pass.

This ticket includes access to all the parties, as well as a general access to the festival ground, including the chill area, the beach, the restaurant & the bar, access to live coaching sessions and podcasts, as well as the volleyball & ping-pong playgrounds.


If you are looking for the Immersive Experience tickets (including workshops), they were sold out. But worry not, since you will still be able to buy tickets for individual workshops (15€) at the festival.

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Detailed information on how to purchase a ticket is listed below.
Feel free to contact us if you have any Additional questions:

How to Get a Ticket


1. Buy your festival ticket

2. Choose accommodation*

3. Choose meals**

*IMPORTANT: One person from the group books the accommodation for the whole group. The accommodation will be billed separately by email receipt.

**The meals are optional. The meals will be billed separately by email receipt.

To simplify and enhance the Flows experience, we offer exclusive accommodation in beautifully appointed apartments nestled within the festival village. Choosing your accommodation is not just a practical decision; it’s an integral part of the Flows experience. It’s an invitation to extend the connections beyond the vibrant festival grounds, creating a seamless blend of celebration, comfort, and shared moments.

The first step of the process is choosing a festival ticket. Our options are are listed below.

After choosing your festival ticket, you will be able to choose accommodation. You will pay for the festival ticket immediately,  while the accommodation and the meals will be billed separately: you will receive an invoice through email, which you will have to pay to secure your accommodation. 
If you are attending the festival with friends, only one person from the group chooses an accommodation. This person is then responsible for paying the receipt as well as filling out a form  in which they will register the rest of the group for the chosen accommodation.
If you are attending the festival by yourself,  choose the option “Joining solo, without a group”. This lets us know that you are not part of a group, and we will connect you with other people that you can share the accommodation with. 

The last step is choosing your meals. You can choose between breakfast (12€/day), or half-board (breakfast + early dinner, 27€/day). This step is optional, and you can skip it if you choose not to have meals. Similar to the accommodation, the meals will be billed separately: you will receive an invoice through email, which you will have to pay later in order to secure your meals.

FAQ Tickets

You can buy ticket without accommodation, though we recommend choosing the option with accommodation. We aim to provide a smooth holiday experience, and being able to manage the accommodation for our guests helps us to ensure a stress free event for everyone. On average, the prices are approx. 5-10€ lower than apartment prices on the island at that time.

You can come and go as you wish, but due to the small size of the festival, the tickets are only sold for the whole week.

We recommend staying for as long as possible to soak in the amazing scenery.

You can find more information as well as photos from the apartments here. For general information about apartments please write to If you have specific questions regarding your apartment, please write us to

Yes, a small amount of daypasses will be available to local people and people that want to join the festival for a day.